Totally Organized You™

“The Easiest Plan Ever To Declutter Your Home, Simplify Your Life, And Calm The Chaos Around You”

Do you dream of being organized? Of enjoying the elusive work-life balance? Of finally decluttering your papers, office, closet, or kitchen? Let go of clutter and reclaim your life! Here’s your ultimate guide to organizing your space, time, money, and more.


Are you a busy person who…

  • Totally Organized You™ − Let go of clutter and reclaim your life!Is tired of feeling like one – or all – parts of your life are in chaos?
  • Wants a complete life and home organizing system that is convenient, simple, and easy-to-implement?
  • Resonates with holistic, whole-living values and seeks to improve your overall work-life harmony (or balance, as some say)?
  • Craves a personalized plan to organize your time and space that fits your routines and lifestyle?
  • Desires to reach your organizing goals with accountability and step-by-step guidance from an award-winning professional organizer?
  • Is ready to finally get organized and fully enjoy serenity in your life, once and for all?

If so, then you’re in exactly the right place, and I couldn’t be more excited for you! Why? Because you’re about to discover THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to organizing your space, time, money, and more.


“The No. 1 Thing You Can Do To Declutter Your Life – For Good!”


Have you tried to get organized before – maybe even with the help of a book or magazine or course – but with no luck? That’s because, most of the time, organizing books and tools are about organizing your space. While that is important and should not be ignored, it is only a single, small component of your large, full life.

You see, organizing is more than just organizing the stuff around you. It’s organizing you – all parts of you and your environment – so that you feel balanced and fulfilled.

Totally Organized You™ shows you how to declutter all parts of you and your environment so that you feel balanced and fulfilled.

It is only by organizing your life this way – holistically – that YOU CAN FINALLY EXPERIENCE the work-life harmony that so many people spend their whole lives searching to find. Hands-down, it’s the No. 1 thing you can do to declutter your life – for good!


“Here’s What Happens For You When You Get Totally Organized…”


With Totally Organized You™, you can find ULTIMATE SERENITY in your life.It’s not about perfection. It’s about these positives:

  • Creating a sanctuary in which to live and play.
  • Finally feeling unburdened from chaos and clutter.
  • Enjoying more time for the important things in life.
  • Saving money for the stuff you really want.
  • Inviting simplicity into your life to stay.

The bottom line? At the risk of sounding a bit woo-woo, you want to walk into your home and feel…ahhh! You want to think about your day and feel…ahhh! You want to be free of clutter and the negative energy it brings.

I believe you can find it – ULTIMATE SERENITY (however you define it) – with the help of Totally Organized You™.


“This Sounds Great! But…How Do I Know Totally Organized You™ Is Right For Me?”


Totally Organized You™ is the solution you need to declutter your home and simplify your life – for good!SMART question. To find out, answer “yes” or “no” to how you feel about your home and life right now.

  1. My home feels like a sacred space, free of excess and negative vibes.
  2. My work place is a sanctuary uninhibited by clutter, where I can focus and get things done.
  3. My schedule allows me to accomplish what I would like.
  4. I have all the time off I need to replenish my spirit.
  5. I feel balanced and fulfilled.
  6. I am surrounded by the right tools and equipment necessary to stay organized.
  7. I have organizing systems in place that fully support my day-to-day life.
  8. I set a good example for my children when it comes to organization.
  9. I have much bigger dreams for my home, my schedule, my career, and my life than where I’m at today.

If you answered “NO” (or “MAYBE”) to any of these statements, then you are clearly ready for a change! I wholeheartedly recommend Totally Organized You™ as the solution YOU NEED to declutter and simplify, and I invite you to discover more about Totally Organized You™ below.


“Plus, There Are 5 More Reasons Why Totally Organized You™ Is A Savvy Choice!”


Personalization. Precision Focus. Flexibility & Convenience. Easy Pace With Fast Results. Affordability.
Totally Organized You™ – Personalization. Totally Organized You™ – Precision Focus. Totally Organized You™ – Flexibility & Convenience. Totally Organized You™ – Easy Pace With Fast Results. Totally Organized You™ – Affordability.
Totally Organized You™ discusses the four organizing personalities and how you can apply your organizing personality to your home and life, helping you create organizing systems that you love. Everything about Totally Organized You™ – from beginning to end – is crafted to help you focus and be fully present. Totally Organized You™ is a virtual program open to anyone in the world. You can participate from the comfort of your own home! Plus, everything IS RECORDED so that you can listen and learn at your convenience. Totally Organized You™ is designed so that – if you apply what I teach you wholeheartedly – you can get totally organized in two months or less! The pace is easy and the steps bite-sized, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. I realize that there are many people who want to declutter and simplify, but cannot afford to work with me privately. The format of Totally Organized You™ allows me to adjust affordability, yet still give you direct access to me.


“Are You Ready To Experience The Most Powerful Home And Life Organizing Program Ever Created? Then Here Is What You Will Receive…”


  • Totally Organized You™ is an eight-week program that guides and facilitates your transformation in a way that not only gives you sufficient time to process the material, but also act upon it with best results.
  • To help you successfully and holistically get organized, Totally Organized You™ is broken down into two categories: Totally Organized Life™ and Totally Organized Home™.
    1. Totally Organized Life™ teaches you LIFE ORGANIZING – such as time, goals, project management, money, family, health and wellness, spirituality, beauty, and more.
    2. Totally Organized Home™ teaches you HOME ORGANIZING – such as how to organize the TOP residential clutter trouble spots: office, files, kitchen, and closet.

To help you successfully and holistically get organized, Totally Organized You™ is broken into two categories: Totally Organized Life™ and Totally Organized Home™.



Totally Organized You™ is an eight-week program, and each week you will receive at least one downloadable mp3 file + accompanying handouts, either for the Totally Organized Life™ category or for the Totally Organized Home™ category. In every mp3 audio, I will guide you step-by-step through each week’s transformational topic. In every handout, you will gain more clarity and insight, moving you forward in a powerful way.



Week 1

In this first week, you pave the way for your biggest and brightest organizing success! In order for you to make serious strides with getting organized and to open up space for serenity, you must establish a strong foundation upon which to do so. You will learn:

Week Sample Topics
1 Your Organizing Personality
Types of Clutter
TRANSFORM™ Organizing System

Weeks 2 – 8

With your strong foundation established, in weeks two through eight, the organizing success tools become more specialized and are divided into their respective category, either Totally Organized Life™ or Totally Organized Home™:

Weeks Totally Organized Life™
Sample Topics
Totally Organized Home™
Sample Topics
2 – 8 Time Management
Goal Setting
Project Management
Money Management
Family Management
Energy Management
High Performance
Health and Wellness
Office Organizing
File Organizing
Kitchen Organizing
Closet Organizing
Bed & Bath Organizing

Look here! It's just a sampling of the tips, tools, and success strategies you will gain through Totally Organized You™...

During the eight-week period, here is just a sampling of the organizing and decluttering tips, tools, and strategies you will learn:

  • Totally Organized You™ will equip you for ORGANIZING SUCCESS!The simplest, fastest way on Earth to get rid of clutter. (It’s my sure-fire technique!)
  • How to set up filters to keep clutter from coming back into your home, work, time, and life. (After all, what good is getting organized if it doesn’t last?)
  • How to identify the nine time traps that drain precious moments from your day. (Oh, the things you could do if you didn’t fall prey to these time sinks…)
  • How to implement one single core time management strategy that will help you alleviate the time traps and exponentially improve your use of time. (Extra time for family, friends, fun, and YOU – yay!)
  • The four organizing personalities and how to organize your space and time in a way that “fits” your specific personality. (Psst! This helps create long-lasting results.)
  • The six types of clutter that are bogging you down, and how to set yourself free from their grasp. (You can’t really get organized until you have a full picture of what it is you need to organize.)
  • The key components of an organized office, file cabinet, kitchen, and closet. (Skipping just one component may mean you never get organized…)
  • Top industry secrets for picking out the best storage solutions for your home, personality, and style. (This is what professional organizers won’t tell you!)
  • The fun, creative way to stay motivated to keep your home organized for the long-haul. (And it has absolutely nothing to do with organizing.)
  • How your values influence your schedule and how to finally make them a priority in your life. (This is so simple and effective, you will wish you’d stumbled upon it years ago.)
  • How to simplify your schedule so that you only commit to activities that support your values and priorities and that you can handle. (Goodbye overwhelm!)
  • How to achieve balance between personal time and work time. (Ready for a sense of serenity, inside and out?)

And more! The above only scratches the surface of how Totally Organized You™ will equip you for ORGANIZING SUCCESS!



Totally Organized You™ multiplies and maximizes your organizing results!99% of organizing resources you’ll see in the store are just words on paper. It’s no surprise that, while using these organizing resources, you might get bored…distracted…confused. Why? Is it that the tips aren’t good ones? Nope. It’s because reading is a very passive form of learning, and organizing is a very dynamic activity. With reading, you can’t always get clarity on your specific situation, and you can’t ask questions as you go.

In order for you to get the best organizing results, you need an organizing coach to walk you through the process step-by-step. That is precisely why I structured Totally Organized You™ to be eight audio training sessions with me, and these sessions are modeled after the ones I have with my private clients. Plus, I’ve added eight weekly VIP Q & A opportunities so that you can ask any question about your organizing projects, space, organizers, whatever – and ultimately get the answers and clarity you deserve.

Red ArrowTotally Organized You™ isn’t just a bunch of words on paper.
It’s 8 training sessions PLUS 8 Q & A opportunities with an award-winning professional organizer –
all designed to supercharge your organizing results!

Honestly, the Q & A opportunities are worth the price of this program alone, and then some! My private clients pay thousands of dollars to get this kind of access to my award-winning expertise.


“Try It – It’s NO RISK Because Of My Totally-Happy-Money-Back Guarantee.”


I’m so positive that you’ll love Totally Organized You™ that I offer a Totally-Happy-Money-Back Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, or feel that it doesn’t deliver on everything promised, you can request a full refund. This 100% guarantee means you have NOTHING TO LOSE!

(Please note: The Totally-Happy-Money-Back Guarantee gives you a 14-day window to experience Totally Organized You™ and determine if you want to continue. Your refund request must be made within 14 days of the date of purchase. After this date, refunds are no longer honored.)

Totally Organized You™ is backed by a Totally-Happy-Money-Back Guarantee.


“So Which Risk-Free Payment Option Do You Prefer?”


Here’s the thing: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got: clutter. So if you’ve been trying in vain to get organized, it’s time to try something new – it’s time to try Totally Organized You™!

Totally Organized You™

Totally Organized You™

Consider this:

Paying a professional organizer to privately help you with everything provided by Totally Organized You™ would be well over $10,000! (And that is a conservative estimate.)

Individually-packaged, you would pay upwards of $4,597 for all of the material included in Totally Organized You™.

With this in mind, the current price of Totally Organized You™ is a steal. Your investment is just a few dollars per day. Isn’t the outcome – and your life – worth it?!

Option #1: Pay-In-Full (BEST DEAL)
$1,997.00 $997.00 USD

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$1,000 savings for first 10 people
who say “yes” to a better life today!
Option #2: 3 Easy Monthly Payments
$697.00 $347.00 USD

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$1,000 savings for first 10 people
who say “yes” to a better life today!
Totally Organized You™ is backed by the Totally-Happy-Money-Back Guarantee, which gives you a 14-day window to experience Totally Organized You™ and determine if you want to continue. Refund requests must be made within 14 days of the date of purchase. After this date, refunds are no longer accepted and all payment(s) must be completed according to the easy payment option you select today.


I’m ready to help you GET TOTALLY ORGANIZED! The question is: are you ready?


Carmen Coker

Carmen Coker
Professional Organizer

P.S. Remember, today is a blank page – the first page of the rest of your life. What story will this page ultimately tell about your choices? Make it count!