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Let Oprah Help You Get Organized With This

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

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Hi there, I’m Carmen Coker, professional organizer and creator of The Clutter Cleanse®.

And if you’ve been having trouble getting organized, if you’ve been procrastinating about getting organized, or if you are like me and you just enjoy a good inspirational message, then you are in the right place. Because I’d like to share something with you that will do just that – inspire and motivate you to get organized.

Oprah Winfrey once said: “What we dwell on is who we become.”

The word “dwell” is a very poetic and almost old-fashioned word, one that you likely don’t use in everyday vocabulary. But don’t be fooled by romantic notions – it is a word that has powerful consequences.

To dwell means “to exist in a given place or state” or “to fasten one’s attention.” And, in this case, it’s a verb – it’s an action for which you must make a conscious choice to do or to not do.

Which means, if you are a dweller, you will create one of two outcomes for yourself – a choose-your-own-adventure of sorts. On the one hand, you can create positive results if used for good, like dwelling in a success mindset. On the other hand, you can create negative results if used for bad, like dwelling in self-pity.

So let me ask you: Do you dwell on or in chaos and clutter, or do you dwell on or in simplicity and serenity? If you want to get organized, your choice – your conscious choice – will make all the difference in the world.

Now, if you have been dwelling in clutter, and you want to make a change to dwelling in simplicity, then follow the arrow [see below] to take The 3-Day Simplify-Your-Life Challenge™. It’s free, and it will put you on the right path.

This is Carmen Coker, signing off, we’ll see you next time.

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Carmen Coker is a former US Air Force officer turned professional organizer. Thousands of busy people have benefited from her expertise featured by CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, and Real Simple magazine – now it’s your turn! Take the FREE 3-Day Simplify-Your-Life Challenge™, and get more organized, find more time, and enjoy more simplicity in your life…in just 3 days!

All You Need To Know About Learning How To Be Organized & Letting Go

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

All You Need To Know About Learning How To Be Organized & Letting Go

A Zen parable tells of a wanderer who happened upon a river. He wanted to cross it, but there was no bridge. Afraid to wade across the river on foot, he spent hours building his own raft from vines and trees, which ultimately carried him safely to the other side.

However, once across the river, he thought to himself: This is a good raft; I might need it again if I must forge another river.

So the wanderer carried the raft with him for the rest of his life.

Consider the moral of this story for just a moment. From the outside looking in, this decision might seem utterly ridiculous. Why would this obviously resourceful guy carry a heavy raft around when he didn’t need to? But, often times, we do this same thing in our own lives. In fact, you may be carrying around a lot of “rafts”!

It’s not uncommon for people to hang on to an item that was useful at one point but has since become irrelevant clutter, because … what if I need this later?what if it would hurt someone’s feelings if I gave this away?what if I regret my decision? There are lots of “what ifs” that can bubble to the surface when you are thinking about getting rid of your things.

In a very basic sense, this powerful Zen parable teaches all you need to know about learning how to be organized and letting go. To start your journey toward living clutter-free, your Easy Organizing Challenge™ is to purge five objects that no longer add value to your home, office, or life. Don’t carry these “rafts” when you don’t need to …

WARNING: It’s important not to allow yourself to get a mental block around five if it seems like a lot to you. You could toss five sticky notes, five pens that are out of ink, five pairs of holey socks, five magazines, five expired meds, five old emails. It really is that easy!

Declutter Bigger | Instead of trashing, recycling, or donating five items just this once, decide to do it once a week. You’ll be amazed at how much headway you make.

Declutter Smarter | When this strategy is applied wholeheartedly to your life, this Easy Organizing Challenge™ will help you declutter smarter by managing all of the six types of clutter: behavioral clutter, emotional clutter, mental clutter, physical clutter, temporal clutter, and virtual clutter. The type of clutter depends upon what exactly you decide to purge.

Red ArrowDeclutter Faster | Get the kick-start you need to get organized and calm the chaos in your life.
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Declutter You | How will you use this Zen parable to declutter your home, life, and world? Please let me know your thoughts, experience, ideas, and other comments below.