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12 Unusual (And Cheap!) Organizing Tricks

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

12 Unusual (And Cheap!) Organizing Tricks

If you’re like most people, you want to get organized and stay organized, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on containers, bins, and other storage solutions in the process. Trade store-bought organizers for one of these inexpensive, out-of-the-box clutter busters created from everyday household items.

  1. Pantyhose. Cut off the waistband of an old pair and slip it over a rolled-up sleeping bag, securing it neatly. Or cut off the legs and place a roll of wrapping paper into each one, eliminating crimps from rubber bands or tears from taping.
  2. TP Roll. Need a mini-plastic bag dispenser for the glove box, a diaper bag, a pet travel bag, or elsewhere? Stuff a TP tube with 4-5 bags, and voilà!
  3. Headband. Tired of losing those tiny board game pieces? Wrap an elastic headband, like Goody’s Ouchless Elastic Headwraps, around the width of the box to hold it shut. Color-code to match the game itself or perhaps your home or personality.
  4. Pie Pan. Is your exercise ball on the loose? Put a circular pie pan wherever you’d like the ball to stay and rest the ball inside the pan.
  5. Empty Case. Are you a caffeine junkie? When you’ve emptied out an 8, 12, or 24-pack soda case box, use it to organize socks in drawer.
  6. Sea Shell. When situated belly-up, a sea shell acts as a beautiful jewelry organizer. All you need to do is find the right spot for it, like near the kitchen sink for when you need to remove your rings for dishwashing.
  7. Junk Mail. You’ll often get free personal address labels as junk mail. Attach these to the inside cover of books, planners, wallets. If ever lost or loaned out, the item will automatically have “return to” information enclosed.
  8. Container Lid. Have a loner lid from a large plastic storage container that’s missing its “mate,” or the container itself? The lid, situated top-up on the floor, will work well as a round-up for shoes in your entryway.
  9. Button. Place the backs of earrings through the holes in a button and clasp – it’ll now be easy to spot your earrings in your purse, suitcase, or gym bag.
  10. Picture Frame. Use a large frame, such as an 8 x 10, to corral remote controls or gaming controllers. Just slide a piece of fun paper or fabric under the glass, lay the frame flat on a nearby table, and then arrange the remotes on the glass.
  11. Trouser Sock. To calm cable chaos, cut off the foot of a trouser sock, unplug cords and cables, and feed them all through the sock. Then re-plug everything back into the power strip and/or sockets. If you repeat this process, overlapping multiple trouser socks, you can make a long “tube” to cover the entire length of cables.
  12. Door Knob. Fasten an old door knob to the top corner of a wood table – it’ll act as a great catch for purses, umbrellas, sweaters, etc.

How will these unusual (and cheap!) organizing tricks help you recycle, reuse, and repurpose your way to an organized home? Please let me know your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and other comments below.

Carmen Coker is a former US Air Force officer turned professional organizer. If you want to get organized and calm the chaos in your life, go to for her free video how-to called the Secrets of the Super Organized™.