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3 Quick Clutter Solutions For Your Home Office

Monday, April 11th, 2016

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3 Quick Clutter Solutions For Your Home OfficePiles, piles, and more piles! If this conjures thoughts of your home office, then here are three ways to get rid of office clutter – fast.

1. Pull double-duty.

Books are one of the biggest space hogs in any home office. Placing risers along the back of shelves, and then situating books on top of and in front of, with a little space in between rows, can easily double the storage capacity of a bookshelf.

Done-For-You Quick Clutter Solution: Drawer Organizer, flipped upside-down.

DIY Quick Clutter Solution: Find and cover a long box (such as one for waxed paper, plastic wrap, or foil) with acid-free paper. Leave the empty roll inside of the box for extra support.

Hint: For best effect, measure the length, width, and height of each shelf before you decide upon, buy, or make your shelf risers.

2. Find a quick hide-away.

Getting cords, cables, and wires under control can almost single-handedly transform the look of any office space. The fastest way to achieve this feat is by strategically (not lazily) hiding power strips and excess cords from view.

Done-For-You Quick Clutter Solution: CableBox.

DIY Quick Clutter Solution: Find a lidded, solid-colored container with similar dimensions to the CableBox. Using the CableBox as a model, cut holes where appropriate to guide the cords and cables.

Hint: For best look, tie together the cords extending outside of the cable management box with zip, twist, or Velcro ties.

3. Focus on the underutilized.

Not making use of vertical space like walls and doors is one of the top office organizing mistakes most people make. When used appropriately (and eye-pleasingly), vertical space can store office supplies, corral papers, and create more room to work and play.

Done-For-You Quick Clutter Solution: Magnetic Bulletboard, with Mini Bulldog Clips and Magnetic Spice Tins.

DIY Quick Clutter Solution: Find a large hanging frame that matches your office decor. Hang it, mark the opening, then remove. Cover the marked opening with magnetic paint, and rehang the frame.

Hint: For best use, display only things that inspire and motivate you, that you need to use or see often, or that keep you focused.

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