How You Karmically Create Clutter In Your Life

September 12th, 2016





Hi there, I’m Carmen Coker, professional organizer and creator of The Clutter Cleanse®, and did you know that you are a repeat offender?

That’s right. It’s highly likely that, just today, you did it again. It’s a good thing you can’t get fined or go to jail for this offense. But karma will come back around.

So what exactly are you guilty of? Well, every home inevitably has a “drop zone” (or two, or three, or more). A drop zone is a place where stuff tends to get “dropped” without so much as a second thought, and it happens so often that a small pile morphs into a massive one in a flash.

Your drop zones will immediately spring to mind: the kitchen counter, the bedroom floor, the desk, or any flat surface that happens to be within arm’s reach.

With a drop zone, it’s easy to let clutter multiply because it’s an old habit, and as we all know, old habits die hard, if at all.

It’s easy to ignore clutter in your drop zone because it’s been there for a long time – sometimes, so long that it becomes a part of your everyday life, whether you want it to be or not.

It’s easy to justify leaving the clutter in your drop zone “as is” because, let’s be honest here, it’s the lazy way out; or maybe because it allows you to keep procrastinating; or because anything seems more fun than organizing.

But have you ever heard the saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”? While the application of this wisdom is practically limitless, it is especially powerful when it comes to the clutter in your home and life.

If the status quo is “bombs away” in your drop zone, and you make no attempts to change this behavior, then you will be dealing with mess for a very long time to come. Which is to say, if you always “do” clutter, you’ll always “get” clutter.

The bottom line is to be consciously aware of how you treat your space. Because, in the end, karma wins. If you do not value and honor the space you have, it will not value and honor you. It’s that simple.

So how do you get the good organizing karma flowing? With your Easy Organizing Challenge™, which is this: Pick your biggest drop zone, and for one week, think twice before you pass it by, mindlessly drop stuff, and then move on without a second thought. If you have a family or roommates, challenge them to do the same.

Remember, it takes just as much energy to drop something randomly, as it does to put something back where it belongs.

Now, if you want bigger and better results, then try eliminating, not just improving, at least one drop zone altogether!

And if you want help accomplishing this Easy Organizing Challenge™, then let me turn your attention to a challenge of another kind. To start creating more space in your home and life for the things that really matter, follow the arrow [see below link] to take The 3-Day Simplify-Your-Life Challenge™. It’s free, and it will put you on the right path!

This is Carmen Coker, signing off, we’ll see you next time.

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