How To Get More Energy For Organizing (& Life)

February 2nd, 2018

How To Get More Energy For Organizing (& Life)

Q: Can you tell me how to get more energy so that I can (finally) get stuff done?

A: Here are five science-based solutions that will help you get energized to get organized, get productive, and get going!

When it comes to getting things done, the struggle is real. In fact, it’s so real that it’s now a status symbol.

That’s right! You are now officially one of the cool kids. You know, busy and such.

But don’t get too comfortable with your new-found friends because…

It’s as Henry David Thoreau once said, “It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

As a professional organizer, I totally agree with my main man Thoreau. I really loathe the phrase: “Get more done in less time.”

Not only does the concept itself feel yucky, but it’s also just…fundamentally flawed.

The No. 1 Way You Are Sabotaging Your Energy Levels

You see, more is not better; better is better.

Which means, it’s not about fitting more into your day. It’s about fitting more of what’s important into your day, and removing more of what’s not.

Being busy for the sake of being busy is the No. 1 way you sabotage your energy levels because you’re wasting valuable energy reserves on people, places, and things that are not (or should not be) priorities in your life.

But there is more to the energy equation that just prioritizing, focusing, and time managing.

In fact, your lifestyle choices heavily influence how engaged you feel during your day and, as such, heavily influence your daily results as well.

Here are five science-based solutions that will not only help you get more energy but also boost your motivation to get organized, get productive, and get going.

How To Get More Energy From The Outside In

  1. Wear bright colors.

    Warm colors like red and orange stimulate your mind.

    One study found that, when equally-matched Olympians competed, those wearing red won notably more.

    Wearing these colors will supercharge your energy levels to achieve more when organizing.

    Source: Health Magazine

  2. Turn up the music.

    Music energizes you.

    Clinical music therapy uses music to connect people to movement and motivation.

    By turning up your favorite tunes, your energy, intensity, and big decluttering results are sure to follow. 

    Source: American Music Therapy Association.

How To Get More Energy From The Inside Out

  1. Get restful sleep.

    That means, sleeping like your dog sleeps – soundly, deeply, and for a good while.

    Too little sleep hinders your productivity and focus, among other serious health consequences.

    Make sure you go to bed early enough, tonight, to get the right amount of sleep you need for organizing, tomorrow.

    Source: Sleep Foundation

  2. Fuel your body properly.

    Evidence points to the fact that your diet impacts your brain chemistry, which in turn, impacts your personal energy and mood.

    You know what the doctor ordered! Drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits, leafy greens, and lean meats – instead of all the fatty, greasy, and sugary options available.

    Smart choices fuel your body for high-performance and organizing success.

    Source: WebMD

  3. Have a positive attitude.

    Human beings have a strong mind-body connection.

    Because of this, the psychological benefits of attitude often manifest into physical benefits.

    Using positive self-talk like “I can get organized” is a must-have resource in your organizing toolkit.

    Source: Mayo Clinic

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Carmen Coker
Professional Organizer