Declutter Your Home With This Wall Organizer

April 23rd, 2014

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Declutter Your Home With This Wall OrganizerThere is an untapped get-organized resource in most homes: vertical space. That’s why, if you are looking to declutter your home, I’d like to introduce you to this wall organizer.

What? Alcove Wall Shelf
Where? CB2
Why? It looks cool, sounds cool, and it’s organized.

Looks cool.

They’re calling it a “nine shrine,” which essentially means it is nine metal ledges that suspend and intersect Mondrian-style.

Sounds cool.

At first, I found myself wondering: What the heck is Mondrian-style? If you are in the same predicament, check this out. The paintings will make it very clear, especially the Composition in Brown and Gray. (It’s also very clear that neither of us paid enough attention in art history class!)

It’s organized.

It’s hip, modern, and appreciates fine art. Not to mention, using words like “Mondrian” will wow your family and friends into believing you could clean sweep Jeopardy!

BUT more importantly, it will help you tidy up your books, mementos, and decor and will make use of the much underutilized wall space in your home. Be sure to view the pictures on the CB2 website for organizing inspiration!

So…how would you use the Alcove Wall Shelf to help you get organized? I’d love to find out! Please share your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and other comments below.

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