Busted! Common Clutter Offenders

September 1st, 2015

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Busted! Common Clutter Offenders

What do ketchup, hairspray, and cleaning wipes have in common? They are just three of many everyday household items that tend to exist in half-empty states, often with their “twin” or “triplet” nearby.

So…instead of one full ketchup bottle, you have two partially-filled ones. Instead of one hairspray, locked and loaded, you have three that individually are a weak shot. Instead of one brimming container of cleaning wipes, you have four in various states of emptiness.

Sometimes, your home can become like a proverbial Noah’s Ark, where you bring in and store things two by two. Today’s easy organizing challenge is to go through your home – check bags, boxes, bottles, and bins – to find five candidates for consolidation. Ask yourself: where can two (or more) become one?

If you need some quick ideas, here are common clutter offenders:

  1. Liquid soaps,
  2. Shampoos,
  3. Hair styling products,
  4. Lotions,
  5. Facial cleansers,
  6. Medications,
  7. Makeup,
  8. Office supplies,
  9. Cleaning solutions,
  10. Detergents,
  11. Paints,
  12. Alcohol,
  13. Condiments,
  14. Dressings,
  15. Sauces,
  16. Beverages,
  17. Cereals,
  18. Snacks,
  19. Chips,
  20. Crackers,
  21. Cheeses,
  22. And more! This is certainly not an all-inclusive list…

Warning! There are times when you legitimately need two or more of something because you are stocking up or like to have a reserve. That’s not the issue here – focus on where you have two or more parts of the same thing, parts that can easily combine to make a whole.

Want Bigger Results? Instead of finding just five candidates for consolidation, try finding ten. Not once, not twice, but three times this week.

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