5 Minutes To More Organized

August 4th, 2016





Hi there, I’m Carmen Coker, professional organizer and creator of The Clutter Cleanse®.

Did you know that, right now, you are just five minutes away from being a more organized you? That’s because I’m here with your Easy Organizing Challenge™.

The battle drums are rumbling. It’s time to suit up for Clutter Combat. Let Operation Organize commence! Rest assured, this is one battle that will reduce the amount of clutter in your life – quickly.

Your Easy Organizing Challenge™ is to select one area of your home at random – just one – and for five laser-focused minutes, declutter with all your might. A blitz, if you will.

TheFreeDictionary.com defines the word “blitz” as an intense campaign, and that’s exactly what you’re gonna do. Go crazy, and do not let anything stand in the way of your blitz victory.

If necessary, and to conquer more of the battlefield, call in reinforcements – your kids, your spouse, your friends – to help.

The toys that you trip over daily – blitz ‘em. The utensils taking over your kitchen – blitz ‘em. Your messy jewelry and your even messier sock collection – blitz and blitz. The mountain of old sticky notes and the stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to whittle down – blitz ‘em. The commitments that have become time sinks – you guessed it, blitz away!

Enjoy the full-out assault on your clutter, and celebrate when you can proclaim MISSION COMPLETE.

With your Easy Organizing Challenge™ laid out, let me caution you – do not be fooled by its simplicity. If you are or feel disorganized, and yet while I was describing this challenge, the words “that’s not anything new” or “I already know that” crossed your mind, then turn those thoughts into actions.

Which is to say, turn “I know that” into “I did that.” You see, getting organized is not always about getting new and novel. It’s about getting started and getting finished, using what you already know but just haven’t yet implemented.

What if you want to get even bigger results? Then instead of leading a five-minute blitz, try a 20-minute one instead. Not once, not twice, but five times this week.

If you want help accomplishing this Easy Organizing Challenge™, then let me turn your attention to a challenge of another kind. To start creating more space in your home and life for the things that really matter, follow the arrow [see below link] to take The 3-Day Simplify-Your-Life Challenge™. It’s free, and it will put you on the right path!

This is Carmen Coker, signing off, we’ll see you next time.

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Carmen Coker is a former US Air Force officer turned professional organizer. Thousands of busy people have benefited from her expertise featured by CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, and Real Simple magazine – now it’s your turn! Take the FREE 3-Day Simplify-Your-Life Challenge™, and get more organized, find more time, and enjoy more simplicity in your life…in just 3 days!